Would you like to straighten your teeth but aren’t sure whether traditional dental orthodontic treatments are right for you? Invisalign® treatment in the care of Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and his team at We Smile Dentistry in London, Ontario, could be an ideal solution.

How clear aligners work

Invisalign® is a way to straighten teeth without braces. You begin with an unhurried consultation to assess your oral health and determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign®. Proprietary computer software transforms impressions of your mouth into a virtual treatment plan. You see how your smile will be affected by Invisalign® before committing.

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Dr. Spagnuolo Answers Your Invisalign FAQs

Dr. Spagnuolo Answers Your Invisalign FAQs
Learn everything you want to know about Invisalign straight from Dr. Spagnuolo! From what Invisalign is to how long treatment takes and who can and can’t get Invisalign, Dr. Spagnuolo walks us through some of the most common questions about Invisalign in detail.

1: What exactly is Invisalign?
2: So exactly, Invisalign is a company that designed clear plastic aligners first. It’s a method of treating orthodontic cases. These aligners snap onto the teeth and gently move them.

1: So do I only get one aligner?
2: Good question but unfortunately no. The teeth are scanned and the company gets a scan and the aligners are designed. You get a series of aligners that are set on the original scan. So, this is a small sample, it can be 50 aligners, and you wear the aligners for a full week at a time. That’s our typical treatment.

1: How long does treatment take, and is it actually faster than traditional braces?
2: Most cases we can get done inside of two years, just the same as traditional braces. I don’t look at it as being faster or better than traditional braces. At the end of the treatment, we need to get an equivalent result, so I usually tell my patients that it’ll take no longer, no faster than traditional braces.

1: Are there situations where you actually can’t use it?
2: Yes, there are. There are certain patients that require orthognathic surgery, so Invisalign is not indicated in those cases.

1: How do I know if I’m a candidate for Invisalign?
2: Great question. You’ll need to see your orthodontist or your family dentist, and together you’ll make a decision if Invisalign is the proper treatment for you.

1: Do I need retainers after my treatment?
2: Absolutely, you need retainers. Teeth will want to move after treatment and hopefully, at the end of treatment, you’re super thrilled with your smile and you’ll want to do everything possible to keep them exactly as it is for many years.

Then, a series of clear plastic aligners are precision fabricated with a 3D printing process. Simply wear the aligners in the prescribed order, advancing to the next set about every two weeks.

Why patients choose Invisalign® treatment

  • Nearly invisible – Most people will not realize you are wearing aligners.
  • Comfortable – The plastic is smooth, with no sharp parts to irritate soft tissues in the mouth, and no wire tightening.
  • Removable – Aligners come out, so there are no diet restrictions. Plus, you brush and floss normally.
  • Efficient – With good compliance (conscientiously wearing aligners at least 20 hours each day), treatment can often be completed in a year.
  • Convenient – Recheck appointments are quick.
  • Effective – When Invisalign® was initially introduced in 1999, it was considered most appropriate for cosmetic straightening. The technology has evolved tremendously. Today, Invisalign® can be an option for complex cases, even bite issues.
  • (Nearly) instant gratification – Since aligners are clear, you get to enjoy smile improvement in “real-time,” instead of waiting for the big reveal when braces come off.

Conventional orthodontic treatment, too

Invisalign® is great, but it is not the right option for every patient. You can count on the We Smile Dentistry team to guide you toward treatment that best suits your needs. We also offer traditional bracket and wire orthodontics. This can be a good choice for complicated bite issues, a young patient whose mouth is still developing, or a teen who might lose aligners or not wear them dependably.

 Affordable orthodontics starts with a call to We Smile Dentistry in London, ON – (226) 605-0042. We accept cash, debit, and credit card payment and are happy to submit insurance claims on your behalf for reimbursement of covered costs.

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