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Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo

I’m Giulio and I was raised in London and attended Central Secondary School.  I graduated from the University of Western Ontario Dental School in 1984.  I am married and the father of three sons.  My goal is to provide all of you with the highest quality of dental care available, in a friendly and relaxed environment.

Introducing Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and how he got into dentistry

Introducing Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and how he got into dentistry
Know your dentist - Who is Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and how did he get in to dentistry? Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo from We Smile Dentistry near London, ON.

Introducing Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and how he got into dentistry

Hello everyone, today we have a very special guest with us. Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo is a dentist, and he owns his practice called We Smile Dentistry.

Dr. Giulio, tell us a bit about yourself and what made you choose dentistry?

I graduated in 1984 from the University of Western Ontario, now known as Western. So I have been doing this for quite a while. I’ve owned my practice since day one. We Smile Dentistry is a culmination of many years. We see children from ages zero and to, my oldest child was a hundred and nine the last time I saw her.

Why did you choose to become a dentist?

Well, a multitude of reasons. In humans, we tend to recognize and see two things when we meet someone for the first time. Usually, their eyes and their smile, since I can’t fix eyes, I figured that fixing smiles would be better. I became a dentist without really knowing what dentistry was all about because I didn’t have a lot done as a kid.

What do you enjoy most about being a dentist?

People! The patients. Trying to solve whether the problems are minor or major is nice. My biggest kick is watching the children that I saw when they’re eight or nine, and now they’re 28 and 32.

What do you find the most challenging about your job?

Most challenging is trying to make people comfortable. Certain people are super easy to make comfortable, others are a little more challenging. You do your best to listen to what their concerns are. Make them feel that they’re just not another number. This is a little more challenging with kids as there is going to be more of a communication problem.

But usually, children will pick up on cues from their parents. The more comfortable their parents are, the more comfortable they are usually.

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