Invisalign® Dental Treatment for straight teeth

Would you like a way to straighten your teeth without wearing traditional braces? At We Smile Dentistry in London, Ontario, Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo offers Invisalign® dental treatment to help you straighten and align your teeth without the brackets and wires.

How Invisalign® Dental Treatment Works for You

We offer Invisalign® teeth straightening as an alternative for patients who do not wish to undergo traditional orthodontics. When you meet with our dentists, you learn whether you would make a good candidate for Invisalign® and other options available to you.

For those who are good candidates, we take an impression of your teeth. This allows us to create a 3D image of your mouth to show you how Invisalign® would transform your current smile. How often do you get to approve changes to your appearance before the procedure? All this planning leads to the production of aligner trays that provide just enough force to help your teeth improve incrementally.

Unlike traditional braces, the aligner trays are easy to take out and put back in. While it is important to wear the trays 20 to 22 hours per day, you could remove them to eat, brush your teeth and floss. You get a fresh aligner every two weeks and come in for frequent checkups to make sure your smile transformation progresses as planned.

Wearing the aligner trays is less painful than fixed metal braces. Though, there may be some discomfort when you put in a new set of trays. That pain will fade once the teeth adjust to the new aligner.

Who Makes a Great Invisalign® Teeth Straightening Candidate?

If you have minor issues with gaps between your teeth, Invisalign® could work for you. Invisalign® teeth straightening also helps with crowded teeth. Our dentists can help you determine whether it can correct your overbite or underbite.

Invisalign® Dental Treatment in London, ON

We Smile Dentistry in London, ON has several options to straighten your teeth, including Invisalign® dental treatment. Call (226) 605-0042 to book an appointment today.

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