Hello Patients, Friends, and Family,

We Smile Dentistry is very happy to announce that we will be gradually opening our doors starting Monday, June 8, 2020.
We have made some changes to ensure that your safety and our team’s safety is at the highest of standards. Please view the short video that Dr. Spagnuolo has put together to highlight changes that were made to the office. Please check below for some of the changes you will experience when visiting our office.
  • We will be screening every patient the day before their appointment.
  • Day of arrival we are requesting that you remain outside or in your vehicle and call the office to let us know you have arrived.
  • We will be able to inform you that you can enter or if you need to stay in your car.
  • We will be meeting you at the locked door.
  • You will be given a hand sanitizer to use.
  • We are also requesting that you wear your own mask.If you do not have a mask, we will provide you one.
  • Your temperature will be checked.
  • You will be filling out a COVID-19 form to complete.
  • You will then be ushered into a room.
  • We are trying to limit the use of the waiting room.
  • Our washroom will only be available for emergency use only. Please brush your teeth and use your own facilities before your dental appointment.
Further, we have to limit the number of people that are in the office, therefore we are not able to see families all on the same day. They will now be separate appointments. Also, if your hygiene appointment was canceled by the office, we will contact you to rebook. Thank you for your patience!


Safety is always our number one concern and if you feel uncomfortable coming to the office at this time, we respect your decision.

We are looking forward to taking care of our patients again. Any questions please give the office a call at (226) 605-0042.


Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo and the team at We Smile Dentistry in London, ON, get excited about new dental technology. That enthusiasm goes far beyond the thrill of seeing a shiny piece of equipment installed or learning new skills. Digital dentistry helps us deliver better care to our patients – more comfortable and efficient treatment with high quality results that last.

Some of the dental technology in London, ON

 We utilize leading edge equipment for diagnosis, and treatment:

  • Oral cancer screening – Early detection dramatically improves prognosis for oral cancers. VELsope illuminates potentially abnormal tissues on gums, tongue, cheeks, and lips before they are otherwise visible to the dentist. Screening is painless and adds only a few minutes to a routine checkup.
  • Digital radiography – Low radiation digital X-rays give the dental team insight into teeth, bone, and other tissues. These high-resolution images are vital to diagnosing problems and planning treatment. Pictures are ready instantly, so you spend less time in the chair. You and Dr. Spagnuolo can view X-rays together, and the electronic files are easy to share with your other healthcare providers or insurance company.
  • Laser cavity detection – This system lights up cavities that are too small for visual detection or are in hidden areas. The sooner tooth decay is discovered and treated, the more healthy tooth structure we can preserve.
  • Intraoral camera – This small device, about the size of a pen, gives a panoramic view of what is going on inside your mouth.
  • Laser dentistry – Imagine having a soft tissue procedure such as treatment for gum disease performed with little or no pain, bleeding, or swelling. Soft tissue lasers are less invasive and automatically seal blood vessels. Laser energy disinfects the treatment area, for speedier healing.
  • Air abrasion – Do you dread the sound, vibration, and frictional heat of drilling? Air abrasion eliminates that anxiety. Hard tissues are precisely prepared for restorations using a fine stream of air and particles.
  • CAD/CAM dentistry – With CEREC one-visit crowns, you won’t need a temporary restoration or a follow-up appointment. These strong, lustrous porcelain restorations are made while you wait.

 Are you ready to benefit from modern dental technology, for a healthy, bright smile? Call We Smile Dentistry in London, ON at (226) 605-0042 to become Dr. Spagnuolo’s newest patient.

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