What is the latest dentistry technology? And how can it help me?

At We Smile Dentistry, smiles are forever. Dr Giulio Spagnuolo combines technical expertise and professional yet down-to-earth and non-judgmental care with the latest, proven, and safe dental technologies. This combination of elements supports a fast, comfortable, practical, low-risk, and pleasant experience at the dentist’s office. Here, we’re happy to answer a few of the most frequently asked questions about modern, technology-assisted procedures available to patients from our well-appointed yet warm office in London, Ontario.

What types of technology do you use the most?

Dentist Showing a Patient X-ray of Teeth

We Smile Dentistry has several technologies to makeover your smile’s appearance, function, and health. These services include laser dentistry and CEREC “teeth in a day” CAD/CAM dentistry. However, the technology that we use most is digital radiography. “Radiography” refers to the process of taking radiographs. And “radiographs” refer to images of parts of the body made by x-rays or similar radiation techniques. Accurate diagnostics, such as radiographs or x-rays, are necessary to determine or pinpoint the cause of symptoms such as persistent pain or jaw stiffness. The images of oral structures that are produced with these techniques inform the development of a treatment plan designed to resolve your symptoms and the underlying condition at hand effectively.

What makes digital radiographs different from “standard” x-rays?

Unlike conventional x-rays that use film, digital radiography uses special plates to “visualize” or render images of oral structures that your dentist cannot see with their eyes. It’s estimated that dental offices can reduce their patients’ exposure to radiation by up to 90% by switching to digital systems, depending on the office’s “starting point” (the type of film used to create standard x-rays). So, the digital alternative gives patients peace of mind that they, and their loved ones, are not exposed to excessive or unnecessary radiation. Additionally, since digital tech eliminates the need for film, the traditionally used chemicals to process films are also eliminated. In turn, it is also safer and healthier for the planet! 

What can I expect from the digital process?

For starters, it isn’t much of a “process” at all! Digital radiography is straightforward, non-invasive, gentle, fast, and easy. These x-rays can be taken and viewed instantly, with no special preparation. Additionally, digital systems are known to render very clear images, and that may be enlarged or adjusted on a computer monitor as needed. In fact, our doctors can view their findings with you; for instance, Dr. Spagnuolo can show you areas of “hidden” decay, or may point to “trouble” spots that indicate a tooth (such as a third molar or “wisdom tooth”) isn’t developing correctly. We can also securely store your files to monitor how treatments are progressing. Information about your mouth can also be sent quickly to other providers, for continuity of care, and even to insurance companies – which helps your claims get processed faster! 

Oral conditions are often “silent” or asymptomatic in their earliest stages. So, it is essential that we invest in precision diagnostics to detect problems for prompt and effective treatment accurately. 

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