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Teeth naturally range in colour from light grey to yellow. But, as we get older, the natural shade of our teeth darkens. The lighter-coloured enamel that protects our teeth can thin and expose the darker dentin layer underneath. Additionally, our habits and dietary choices can “show up” on our teeth, as staining foods and tobacco penetrate the outermost layers and produce discoloration. If you’re looking for a teeth whitening dentist ‘near me’ in London, Ontario, Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo is your doctor. Dr. Spagnuolo can restore the natural colour of your teeth safely, effectively, quickly, and affordably.

How it’s done

If Dr. Spagnuolo determines you are a great candidate for teeth whitening, they will create a kit customized to your unique needs and characteristics. Many We Smile Dentistry patients can benefit from this approach to teeth whitening; however, Drs Spagnuolo also confirms that your teeth and gums are healthy before moving forward with treatment. Active decay or gum disease must be resolved before undergoing a professional whitening program. In fact, discoloured areas can be signs of tooth decay. We’ll also discuss options for treatments should you have crowns or other restorations that need to be lightened. Restored teeth don’t respond to whitening treatments.

Unlike off-the-shelf whitening kits, the professional kits that Dr. Spagnuolo provides are made to fit each patient; for instance, as a patient, you receive an application tray. This tray is designed to fit comfortably yet snugly in your mouth, conforming to the specific contours of your teeth and gums. We will show you how to fill the tray with the professional whitening gel.

The gel is further customized to your needs. The concentration of active ingredients in the gel can vary from patient to patient, depending on factors such as the level of improvement desired and the risk of tooth sensitivity.

The kits that you can buy online or at the store often don’t contain the right ingredients clinically proven to break up and lift stain molecules. Even if they contain the right active ingredients, these substances are often not sufficiently concentrated in the gel to make a noticeable difference in the appearance of your teeth. Dr. Spagnuolo has access to professional whitening products that are proven to lighten teeth. So, when worn as directed, patients can enjoy several shades of whiter teeth. Results are achieved gradually from the comfort and convenience of your home.

Smiles are forever; whitening for life program

At We Smile Dentistry, it’s never been easier to keep your teeth looking youthful and vibrant. As part of our lifetime cosmetic teeth whitening program, you get:

  • Custom trays
  • A case to store the trays when they’re not in use
  • A supply of professional-grade whitening gel
  • Touch-up gel at your next, regular hygiene appointment

We’re happy to discuss more about how to safely, precisely, and cost-effectively whiten your teeth at We Smile Dentistry. Call (226) 605-0042 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Spagnuolo at the London, ON office.

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