Supporting your forever smile with routine, no-hassle dental visits

We like to say that smiles are forever. The lasting comfort, health, and beauty of your teeth and gums are possible. Ideally, the habits and behaviours that support a lifetime of smiles start young, in childhood. In fact, We Smile Dentistry generally recommends that parents call us as soon as they see the first baby tooth coming in (and by no later than their child’s first birthday). While this may seem early to some, baby teeth serve many vital functions, including guiding the proper placement of the secondary teeth. 

Eventually, our team in London, Ontario, will want to get your child into a healthy routine of regular dental checkups. 

Consistency is king 

All patients should visit us for “checkups” or recall hygiene appointments at least twice yearly or every six months. This is the minimum recommendation; for individuals with risk factors for oral conditions like gum disease, tooth decay, and oropharyngeal cancer, Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo will need to check your mouth more frequently. You may also need to have more frequent cleanings. 

Factors that can increase your risk of dental disease include: 

  • Smoking 
  • Use of other tobacco- and nicotine-containing products
  • Challenges to good oral care and hygiene at home 
  • Comorbidities, such as diagnosed diabetes 
  • The use of certain medications; for instance, more than 200 drugs are associated with depressed saliva production (saliva is a natural cleanser that helps to fight tooth decay)
  • A family history of certain conditions, such as aggressive periodontitis or advanced gum disease
  • A history of oral disease
  • Active gum disease or other conditions that need to be monitored (so we can see how well interventions are working) 

Regardless of risk factors and oral/overall health status, most dental checkups involve Dr. Spagnuolo examining your teeth as well as the supportive gums, jaw joints, and other tissues and structures. We will also screen for any lumps, bumps, and other abnormalities that could warrant further investigation as potential pre-cancers and cancerous lesions. Digital X-rays may be taken to see what we cannot see or detect with our eyes. 

No recall hygiene visit would be complete without a professional cleaning by one of our kind and skilled dental hygienists. They use special tools and a gentle touch to remove even the most stubborn plaque build-up or tartar from the teeth and at the gumline. Surface stains are also removed for a brighter smile. Patients love how fresh their breath feels and smells after a good cleaning and polishing! 

Of course, we are always available to answer any questions and provide guidance on everything from the most suitable toothbrushes and oral care products to good tips for cleaning under hard-to-reach spaces (like bridges). 

Phone (226) 605-0042 if you are due for your next checkup. The We Smile Dentistry team of London, ON, looks forward to maintaining or restoring your forever smile. 

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