How we make durable and dazzling dental crowns in one visit with CEREC computer-aided, same-day dentistry

As their name suggests, “restoration” services at We Smile Dentistry are all about bringing your smile back to its healthy function and natural, pleasing appearance after something has gone awry. There are many different types of dental restorations, from fillings to crowns. At our office in London, Ontario, we can restore your smile’s aesthetics, function, and health as quickly, comfortably, and precisely as possible. We accomplish this with CEREC “one visit” dentistry.

The dental crown process, in just one appointment

Our dentist, Dr. Giulio Spagnuolomay recommend crowns to rebuild damaged teeth. Dr. Spagnuolo restores broken, decayed, and otherwise traumatized teeth by introducing perfectly colour-matched and shaped materials to the “prepared” tooth structure. In doing so, the natural tooth is preserved. Extractions or the removal of teeth are avoided. Patients also avoid the expense and time associated with replacing a tooth after it has been irreversibly damaged and is removed. 

Actual Patient Results

CEREC Same Day Crown - Before and After

If Dr. Spagnuolo determines that your tooth is a good candidate for restoration with a dental crown, we use the CEREC process as an attractive alternative to the traditional process of planning, designing, making, refining, and securely placing crowns. Sometimes called “same-day” or “one-visit” crowns, our approach is powered by the computer-aided CEREC system. We use special software and equipment to design and fabricate the crown in-house.

In turn, we have effectively eliminated the use of an external or outside lab.

Since we have lab capabilities under our roof, we can make crowns while you wait. In fact, our onsite milling machine shapes each crown from a solid block of high-quality porcelain in just 10 to 15 minutes. 

Of course, some time is dedicated to designing the tooth with software that creates a “virtual” model of the treatment site based on images of the teeth. We must also “prepare” the tooth to be crowned by removing any damaged tissue and reshaping it. That way, the crown fits properly on top of the prepared tooth structure. But, we cannot overstate that all of these steps are completed in one appointment. You need not return to our office for a second appointment. You also do not need to wait for weeks for an outside lab to make the crown, nor do you need to wear a delicate temporary crown to protect the site as your permanent crown is being made. 

With our onsite lab capabilities, We Smile Dentistry handles everything in-house – no return visits, waiting, or hassles associated with damage-prone temporary restorations.

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In addition to repairing large fillings or more extensively damaged teeth, our strong and beautiful all-ceramic CEREC crowns may be used to replace teeth as part of a conventional or implant-supported dental bridge. Our team in London, Ontario, looks forward to partnering with you!

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