Wake up to an easy, comfortable alternative to CPAP at the dentist’s office

Oral Appliance Therapy for Sleep Apnea in London ON Area

We Smile Dentistry keeps more than the teeth and gums healthy. Led by Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo, our office in London, Ontario, supports the health of interconnected oral and facial tissues and structures. In fact, we effectively treat and manage sleep apnea with conservative, lightweight, and easy-to-wear dental appliance therapy. Unlike conventional treatments for sleep apnea, these devices have a high patient compliance rate. Our customized oral appliances actually get worn and can then alleviate or completely eliminate the effects of sleep apnea. Many potentially severe complications are also avoided with effective treatment. The problem A type of “sleep-disordered breathing,” sleep apnea comes in three primary forms. The … Continue reading

Let Our Treatments for Sleep Apnea Improve the Quality of Your Sleep!

Treatments For Sleep Apnea in London ON Area

Do you find that you keep waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air? If so, you may have obstructive sleep apnea. It is important for you to work with trained medical professionals who can help you treat this disorder. A dentist has several effective treatments for sleep apnea at We Smile Dentistry in London, Ontario, that could be beneficial.  How can a dentist help you treat obstructive sleep apnea? There are several important points you need to know. What Is the Cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnea? There are various reasons why someone may suffer from obstructive sleep apnea. The main … Continue reading

Understanding sleep apnea and snoring, a guide to comfortable, convenient treatment options

Sleep Apnea Snoring Treatment in London ON Area

Led by Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo, the team at We Smile Dentistry may recommend custom-fitted devices (oral appliances) to improve or eliminate a range of oral conditions and their consequences — from dental damage caused by chronic teeth grinding to migraines and other temporomandibular joint (TMJ) symptoms. Oral appliances that slide into the mouth and reposition the jaw and tissues can also have a transformative effect on the lives of patients throughout London, Ontario and the surrounding area who suffer from disruptive snoring or a dangerous form of sleep-disordered breathing: sleep apnea. Sleep apnea, treatment options explained The term apnea is … Continue reading

What is the best Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea?

Dental Appliance for Sleep Apnea in London ON Area

Are you looking for a dental appliance for sleep apnea in London, Ontario? The sleep apnea dentist at We Smile Dentistry can help you get fitted for a mouthpiece called a jaw advancing device (JAD) that you can use as an alternative to a CPAP machine. You can manage mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea with one of these custom-made mouthguards. Your dentist takes a mould of your mouth to create this oral device for you. A JAD moves the jaw forward slightly, which increases the upper airway’s size. This process reduces air resistance, alleviating the sleep apnea systems. … Continue reading

Working with Your Dentist for Solutions to Find the Right Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

Working with Your Dentist for Solutions to Find the Right Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance in London ON Area

Individuals with sleep apnea may have tried using a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device and failed to adjust to sleeping with it on their face. This occurs with between 30 to 50 percent of people prescribed one for use. If you received a mild to moderate sleep apnea diagnosis, consult with your doctor about using an oral appliance treatment instead. While your medical doctor prescribes the oral appliance, your dentist fits you for it. Your doctor and dentist work with you to determine the best solutions for you. This consultation proves vital for more than 100 models of oral … Continue reading

Oral appliances for sleep apnea are easy to wear and an effective therapy

Sleep Apnea Dentist at We Smile Dentistry in London ON Area

Home to upwards of half of the country’s population, the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor seemingly never sleeps. For almost 3 percent of our fellow Canadians, this statement is not hyperbole; they have difficulty staying asleep due to a type of disordered breathing known as “apnea.” Derived from the Greek “apnos,” apneic patients stop breathing when at rest for at least 10 seconds. As blood oxygen levels decline, the apneic awakens briefly, often with a snort or gasp. This process can repeat itself 30 or more times each hour. Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo of We Smile Dentistry in London, Ontario, gets great satisfaction from … Continue reading

Obstructive sleep apnea dentist recommends effective treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea dentist recommends effective treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a sleeping disorder that can cause a variety of problems. Not only can it lead to impacted memory and concentration, daytime fatigue, and difficulty sleeping at night, it can also contribute to one’s risk of developing problems such as depression, anxiety, heart attacks, and diabetes. However, when most patients get a diagnosis of OSA, they are often told by their physician to use a CPAP machine. However, this device is bulky and uncomfortable, causing many London, Ontario, area patients to avoid using them. Instead, our dentist at We Smile Dentistry encourages patients to visit … Continue reading

We Smile Dentistry offers the latest treatments and solutions for obstructive sleep apnea

Sleep Apnea Solutions in London Area

When London, Ontario area patients are asked about sleeping disorders, they may not be familiar with all the different types known. While insomnia and snoring are two things people think of most, they are not the only problematic conditions that can occur. Millions of Canadians go undiagnosed for a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, and may not be aware of the latest treatments and solutions to combat it. What are the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea? The most common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea include: Chronic snoringMorning headaches or migrainesDry throat upon wakingGasping for air while sleepingPeriods … Continue reading

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