How to Find the Best Sedation Dentist for You

Approximately 93 million individuals have some form of dental phobia. Many of these cases derive from fears and childhood experiences at the dentist. Therefore, it is important to break that cycle and turn negative dental impressions into a positive experience. To do so, you must find the best sedation dentist in London, Ontario, that will eliminate your concerns.

When searching for such a dentist, you want to consider advances in dentistry, such as comfortable and safe oral sedation. By putting patients at ease, the best sedation dentist can eliminate avoidance tendencies to ensure you maintain lifelong oral health. There are several critical characteristics to consider when searching for the best dentist to meet your needs:

Ability and Experience

Regardless of the type of dentistry, you want to find a dentist who is in good standing with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario  and determine if they are specialists or general practitioners. Learning more about their experience and training with oral sedation will help you find the most qualified professional for your needs.


While geographic proximity from your home or office greatly matters, you also want a dentist who is available for emergencies. Furthermore, your new sedation dentist must have convenient office hours. If the right dentist does not have an opening for several months, then you should probably look elsewhere.


Probably the most critical consideration when searching for a new dentist is their chair-side manner. A positive experience is guaranteed when two-way communication is present to ease your fears before, during, and following treatment.


As a new patient, you must be comfortable asking questions, and your sedation dentist should easily be able to answer the following:

  • Basics about the location, hours, payment, and insurance options.
  • If the practice offers oral sedation and related types
  • How the practice addresses treatment and preventative care
  • How the team manages anxious patients
  • The dentist’s area of specialty

Types of oral sedation

Dental anxiety varies from paralyzing fear to simple butterflies in your stomach. We Smile Dentistry understands these fears and uncomfortable feelings, so they offer three types of sedation:

  • Conscious sedation: the administering of laughing gas to relax patients.
  • General anesthesia: this method renders you completely unconscious.
  • IV sedation: for those with severe anxiety, IV sedation will keep you awake without being aware of what’s happening.

To learn more about oral sedation or to make an appointment with a sedation dentist in London, Ontario, call Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo at We Smile Dentistry at (226) 605-0042 today!


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