Comfortably and conveniently replace a missing tooth or a mouthful of teeth with dental implants

More people than ever before in southern Ontario have enjoyed the many benefits of dental implants. Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo combines extensive experience with advanced technologies. So, you end up with the most natural-looking and -feeling way to replace a missing tooth in London, Ontario, at the office of We Smile Dentistry. And the experience of getting your attractive and functional new teeth is comfortable and pleasant.

A gold standard treatment that sparkles

You may have heard dental implants described as the “gold standard” in tooth replacement. They have a well-deserved strong reputation due to a design that replicates the anatomical structure of a natural, healthy tooth. Natural roots in your jawbone hold your teeth in place. Dental implants are designed like the roots of teeth. They are placed in your jaw during a routine in-office procedure. Implants are made from a biocompatible material, which results in them naturally joining to the surrounding bone in the jaw as part of the osseointegration process. With the implant as part of the jaw, it can truly function like a natural tooth root.

Traditional tooth-replacement systems, such as conventional bridges and removable dentures, do not replicate the tooth root. Instead, the replacement teeth must rely on either surrounding teeth, as is the case with the conventional bridge, or adhesive products and natural suction, as with removable dentures. The level of stability achieved with natural, healthy teeth is only matched by crowns, bridges, and dentures designed with dental implants because they derive their support from the roots in the jaw – like a natural tooth!

Care that shines

Not all dental offices are equipped to place the implant. Dentists may work with a specialist to plan the placement and the finishing touch: the restoration or denture. Dr. Spagnuolo and the team at We Smile Dentistry has invested in training and equipment to offer all aspects of the dental implants process, from preparing the treatment site and planning the position of the implant to the actual surgical placement of the implant and the restoration of the missing tooth.

As your “one-stop” for all things tooth replacement, you enjoy a pleasant and convenient process. Also, there is no need to see a costly specialist that you don’t know for the surgery in most cases.

In the event that the complexity of your treatment requires specialist intervention, Dr. Spagnuolo has excellent working relationships with the most skilled surgeons in the London, Ontario area. You can trust their level of expertise and integrity. When we coordinate treatment with them, our patients with more extensive needs get the best possible outcomes.

When you partner with the We Smile Dentistry team and its trusted network of dental professionals, you also enjoy:

  • Versatile implant options – Dr. Spagnuolo may determine you are a great candidate for mini-implants. Slightly smaller than the traditional implant and featuring a special ball-and-socket and rubber O-ring connector, mini-implants can be ideal for patients who otherwise don’t have enough bone to support larger implants. These patients may not be candidates for procedures such as grafting to build up bone at the treatment site.
  • Convenient, same-day restorations – Crowns supported by implants and other types of restorations can be made in a single appointment, often in less than an hour. CEREC technology allows for the fabrication of restorations on-site at the office (instead of by an outside lab, which adds to the time and hassle to get your crown). Additionally, We Smile Dentistry uses CEREC and other advanced systems, such as Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), to design the tooth first as a critical starting point for the dental implants process. With this “end in mind” approach to the implants process, our patients enjoy improved esthetics and function and fewer visits to the office for follow-up appointments. Computer-guided approaches also help to minimize the need for additional treatments.

Smiles are forever, and indeed implant-supported teeth can keep going strong and looking great for years to come with no special care, just standard oral hygiene. As a lasting solution for tooth loss, implant-retained teeth are healthy because they’re also designed to keep the bone in the jaw strong. Bone loss can have deleterious effects on your quality of life; for instance, resorption of the bone that supports facial tissues can cause the skin to sag, producing an “aged” appearance. This process makes problems with chewing food or speaking clearly worse.

Don’t delay getting the tooth replacement and care that you deserve. Phone We Smile Dentistry at (226) 605-0042 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Spagnuolo at the London, ON office.

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