The Importance of Pediatric Dental Care

When it comes to maintaining good health of your child’s teeth, parents must introduce pediatric dental care into their lives. We Smile Dentistry, a pediatric dental office in London, Ontario, can assist by showing how practicing good oral hygiene is a must for all youngsters. Pediatric dental care ensures a child’s mouth remains free of tooth decay and other oral diseases.

Regular Dental Visits are Necessary

The quicker parents schedule their children for pediatric dental care, the healthier their mouths will become. Regular dental visits help prevent cavities and tooth decay from developing inside your child’s mouth. If either of these conditions are left untreated, it could lead to chronic gum pain, trouble eating and difficulty speaking clearly.

Your Child’s First-time Visit to a Pediatric Dentist

It is a monumental moment for your child to visit a pediatric dentist’s office for the first time. The examination will first determine the condition of their teeth before removing all plaque buildup and food debris that are wedged between them. This will prevent bacteria from growing inside your child’s mouth, which could lead to tooth decay and inflamed gums. Plus, a pediatric dentist can show your child the proper technique in flossing and brushing their teeth daily.

Pediatric Dental Care Tips

Good pediatric dental care begins as early as the first appearance of your infant’s baby teeth breaking through the gums. It is the perfect time for parents to incorporate a daily oral hygiene regimen for their child. Infants should visit a pediatric dentist before their first birthday.

Here are some useful pediatric dental care tips:

  • Avoid sugary drinks and foods
  • Brush your infant’s teeth twice a day for at least two minutes
  • Do not share your child’s utensils, cups or other food or drinkware with other kids.
  • Schedule pediatric dental care appointments twice a year

Practicing good pediatric dental care will help your child become an active oral hygiene participant as they grow older. We Smile Dentistry, a pediatric dental office in London, ON, wants to work with parents to help their children keep healthy and happy smiles. Call (226) 605-0042 to schedule an appointment today.

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