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We Smile Dentistry supports smiles for life. Led by Dr. Giulio Spagnuolo, our general dental office in London, Ontario, partners with you and your family on preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services. These services protect your teeth and gums from threats to their health, functionality, and appearance. Some of these threats (and how we address them) are listed below.

Tooth decay

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Harmful bacteria combine with starches and sugars in foods and drinks to produce sticky plaque. Destructive, acidic plaque eats away at protective tooth enamel. Without treatment, the process of tooth decay continues. Holes or cavities form on the surface of the teeth. The softer dentin layer may be eroded. Finally, the innermost pulp tissue is damaged. We use low-radiation, precision imaging and diagnostics to detect hidden or early-stage decay accurately, gently, and safely. Early decay may be treated effectively with oral hygiene modifications or oral care products. More extensive decay must be treated with root canal therapy followed by the placement of a crown.

Dr. Spagnuolo offers “tooth in a day.” Crowns are made in a single visit while you wait, using our in-house CEREC CAD/CAM system. While root canal therapy has a high success rate, no single treatment is universally effective. If root canal treatment cannot preserve the natural tooth, we are happy to discuss tooth replacement options with you. Dr. Spagnuolo is trained to handle all parts of the dental implant process. Dental implants support replacement teeth similarly to how natural tooth roots stabilize the teeth in the jawbone.

Gum disease

Plaque buildup can also irritate and erode the soft tissues or gums that support your teeth. Gum disease in its earliest stages is often asymptomatic. So, it is important to maintain routine checkups at our office. These checkups include a professional cleaning to remove stubborn plaque or tartar between the teeth and the gum line. Deeper cleanings may be necessary to resolve the existing disease. We Smile Dentistry uses “light touch” laser periodontal therapy. This form of treatment targets the bacteria responsible for gum infections. It preserves maximum natural tissues. Laser dentistry is also associated with minimal risks of discomfort and faster treatment and healing.

Other trauma

Dental Office in London, ON Area, Supports Healthy, Attractive Smiles

Conditions such as teeth-grinding, or bruxism, and “bad bite” or misalignment can degrade the teeth and surrounding tissues. We may recommend custom nightguards or other oral appliances to protect the teeth and correct crowding and other alignment problems. Treatment may have the added benefit of easing the stress placed on the jaw joints. Overstressed TM joints are responsible for a range of conditions, from migraines to jaw stiffness and “locking.”

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