What types of imperfections will Cosmetic Dental Bonding correct?

Cosmetic dental bonding is an ideal way to correct many imperfections in your teeth. Dental bonding is nothing new. It has been around the London, Ontario area for many years. With today’s advanced technology, more people are beginning to discover the benefits that bonding has to offer. The process is simple and can be used to cover many different types of imperfections.


By using cosmetic dental bonding, the dentist can use a small amount of the composite resin and increase the size of each tooth, narrowing gaps and giving your teeth a more uniform appearance. By slightly roughing up the surface of the tooth, the dentist can adhere the bonding material to it, increasing the tooth’s size and giving it a better shape. This decreases gaps between the teeth without having to use a dental appliance or braces to shift the teeth. This is an ideal remedy for small or irregularly shaped teeth that make gaps look more pronounced.

Chips and Cracks

Cosmetic dental bonding is also a great way to eliminate chips or small cracks that may be present in the teeth. Chips and cracks can form over time. Biting down on something hard or getting hit in the mouth while you are playing with your children. No matter how chips happen, they can be unsightly. Your dentist can eliminate those unsightly imperfections with cosmetic dental bonding by creating a protective covering over your tooth. The bonding material can be shaded so that it is the same colour as your other teeth making it practically unnoticeable.

Stains and Discolorations

Dental bonding can also be used for stains and discolorations. If one or more of your teeth have been damaged or discoloured by smoking or the use of certain medications, dental bonding can help to restore your smile. Covering the affected teeth with the cosmetic bonding material will make them the same colour as the rest of your teeth, giving your mouth a more uniform appearance. Your dentist can blend the colours by tinting the composite material before it is placed, so you will not know which teeth were bonded.

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